About Us


Who Are We ?


  1.  ´We are a bunch of socially conscious honest obsessive obedient laborious people . 
  2. ´We are, what we are because of the school & our International Clients.
  3. ´We believe that school is what makes you.
  4. ´We are sanbhavclothing.com
  5. ´An upcoming brand that deals in: school uniforms, books, notebooks and sports goods. 

(be it uniform or fancy dress, we design, direct services to schools on commission basis and customize to what you require)  


Why are we here ?


  1. ´Just to partner you to make ‘schooling’ be more interesting and meaningful
  2. ´It’s time to wake up and realize that today’s school is education +
  3. Education + is being smartly dressed, more active, more logical, more in sync with the current and more lively
  4. ´we are here to help schools in school uniform planning, sourcing, Store Management, Budgeting, Auditing and all. We know how much problem schools faces by giving contract to third parties. 
  5. ´We Want every school to maximise their profits in uniform business by taking our service or hiring us.


What are we offering ?

  1. ´Customized School Uniforms & packaging including tags
  2. ´School Books, Note books & Stationary items 
  3. ´Fancy dress on rent, as per the school requirements
  4. ´Sports Goods